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Mel H
Eye opening experience I had the most amazing appointment. Caroline made me feel comfortable and completely calm. This was my first visit and I'm already applying her advice and techniques into my daily life. I totally recommend.
Vishal K
Assistance with handwashing OCD I decided to see Caroline after doing some research on hypnotherapy and reading reviews by her clients. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. She was absolutely fantastic and explained clearly about hypnotherapy and other aspects of the treatment plan for me. She also gave good advice on areas I could improve on and carefully set up a plan for me to use. After the first session, I felt calm and believe I will be able to enjoy life again. I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get to the root of their psychological and physical issues as Caroline will surely be able to help. Don't wait, just make an appointment and see her.
Amazing! I have had 2 sessions with Caroline for weight loss and am amazed at how effective Caroline has been at resetting my mind set. I used to be a complete sugar addict (would eat a least 1 large bag of chocolate sweets a day!) and now don't crave or want anything sugary. Haven’t had anything like that for almost 6 weeks. I’m really excited about becoming my smaller, future self!
Amazing Caroline is a wonderful person and therapist; she really "gets people" not at all judgemental and her therapy actually works. Also unique in the fact she may only need to see you once or twice. Highly recommended.
Daniela E
Awesome Experience Caroline is very kind, I felt comfortable with her to open my hart of the situation that I was passing, I recommend her 100%
Dealing with anxiety's grip ! I found Caroline very welcoming and easy to work with, she could relate to me with ease and I found her to have great understanding of what I was dealing with day to day and created a plan to make a lasting improvement for my future. I'd happily suggest friends and family work with her to overcome any problems they may be encountering.
Vikki M
Thank you I feel completely energized and in control again after seeing Caroline. I find her insightful, warm and someone who genuinely cares. I therefore felt at ease to discuss some issues that I would not normally disclose so early on in a relationship. I look forward to working with Caroline in the coming weeks and months.
Jim M
Caroline Cranshaw Caroline is amazing, not only did her hypnosis help me immensely but she also is a wealth of knowledge. I loved her professionalism and great personality. I wish I had found her earlier!
Bridget D
ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO MY APPOINTMENTS I always look forward to my appointment because I come always feeling so positive and have a plan :)
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Erryn A
Amazing! What a great experience I had! I gained so much insight into what is happening for me in the "here and now". Would definitely recommend Caroline to anyone!
Chris C
Caroline is Wonderful! Caroline instantly put me at ease. She made the whole process so enjoyable, and the results were more than I could have wished for. I could not praise her more highly!
Christina W
amazing experience I had a wonderful experience with caroline, i was unsure what to expect and as most people are was a bit nervous. i was made to feel very comfortable right away. i came away feeling great and excited to see where my life would lead.
Caroline Cranshaw Caroline was absolutely brilliant. I went to give up smoking and after 2 months have not touched a single cigarette! She was also incredibly helpful in all areas of my health and a very knowledgable and well educated person. Thanks Caroline for such amazing results!
Excellent! I would highly recommend Caroline Cranshaw's mind, body, and health services. I was very happy as Caroline had a wonderful professional manner. I really enjoyed every aspect of the therapy, from Caroline's professional knowledge to her warm and friendly approach, which put me at ease. I highly recommend Caroline's mind, body, and health services.
Kane W
As easy as falling asleep! Caroline has an amazing manner which makes it extremely easy to connect with her. At the beginning of your session she has a chat with you and is super relatable, easy-going, and she carries herself in a way that makes me believe she'd be able to successfully engage with anyone from any walk of life whatsoever. I've heard positive things from two friends who have visited Caroline, and now I have my own positive experience to share, and I would encourage anyone considering hypnotherapy for any reason to visit her.
lorcan k
Excellent Very happy with the treatment. Will be going back again.
Theresa K
Amazing I have been to visit Caroline 3 times now and already feeling so much better. I can look forward to days not filled with fear and Panic attacks. With Carolines help things are really looking up for me. I look forward to our next session :)
Isabella C
amazing Thank you so much for your guidance, understanding and advice for me. It was extremely helpful and has given me a more clear and positive mind set!!
Sharlene G
I recommend Caroline to everyone! I've been to see Caroline twice now. Three years ago I stopped smoking thanks to Caroline, and 5 days ago I stopped drinking. I would (and do) recommend Caroline to anyone. Meeting with Caroline is like catching up with your best friend, she's comforting, warm, supporting and bloody funny! I've felt sad both times when my session has ended, but walked away a much stronger person for seeing her. If you know you need to make a change but need that little bit of help, I can't recommend Caroline enough.
Sophie P
Hypno for smoking I am so impressed that in just one session I can now call myself a non-smoker! Caroline is professional and caring. Highly recommended.
Life changing- weight lose I was thrilled to work with Caroline She put me at ease instantly You have to do this as it will change your life I feel so much more positive,comfortable and in control in regards to eating. The desire and cravings have gone No more overeating I love the many recordings i listen to at night to enforse my new life I wish I had done this sooner
Judi L
I recommend seeing Caroline I heard Caroline being interviewed on the radio and was interested in what she was saying. I'd never tried hypnotherapy. I found it really worthwhile. The appointment itself was beneficial but what is really great is that she sent me links to buy supplements (cheap and easy). I was sent the recording of the session which I play from time to time, did so last night and had a much deeper sleep. And I was also sent other relevant links to listen to. So while the $250? sounded a lot it was totally worth it.
Justine C
Fear of Flying I can not recommend Caroline highly enough, She is truly fantastic!! I have had a fear or flying for a number of years, and had an extreme fear for one particular trip that was leading up fast. I was highly anxious. I had one session with Caroline and I walked out of the appointment with a whole lot of weight off my shoulders, confidence, calmness and ease. I felt more calm about the flights after the one session than the weeks prior, she worked her magic I had the tools and mind set to travel 4 international flights over 8 days. Caroline also kindly provided me with a great deal of information, links and recording to help with fear of flight and anxiousness. I couldn't be more thankful to her for helping me overcome such a major fear I had been flighting with, and in result have a relaxing holiday. I would highly recommend Caroline, she is genuine, kind, open, honest and true professional in her field with a real gift. Thank-you again!
Sarah S
Great Caroline is lovely and empathetic, I found hypnotherapy with her relaxing and safe and I feel she will definitely help me to reach my goals and to cope better with my ptsd. I’d highly reccomend Caroline to anyone considering hypnotherapy.
Fantastic Csroline has been fantastic, from the littlest issues to the biggest she has solved them! Always a laugh with her, super positive and will definitely going back
Highly recommend I feel that my hypnotherapy session with Caroline has helped me clear through some old emotional blocks that were holding me back in life. She also provided me with a lot of resources that I can continue to use in my everyday life. She is incredibly professional yet understanding and non judgmental. I would highly recommend Caroline's services to friends and family.
Tania C
Fantastic! OMG I was pleasantly surprised to meet a caring lady who I could relate with. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the appropriate help but I found Caroline was not only caring and understanding but a real professional! I will definitely be seeing Caroline again, and highly recommend her!
Lynda R
First Impressions Caroline is a very thoughtful and caring person, who is easy to relate to. I have only had one session and feel I need more time to work things through. I will definitely go back to try and improve my situation.
Highly recommend! Caroline is an intuitive, empathic, and skilled therapist as well as hypnotherapist. The phobia I saw her about has gone, and love and money issues have dramatically improved! Thanks Caroline
Highly recommend Caroline Cranshaw I was a little apprehensive to have this type of therapy, but was extremely happy I did. Caroline Cranshaw's therapy was excellent, and her warm manner put me at ease. The issue that I had gone to see Caroline about resolved after one visit. I was thrilled. I highly recommend Caroline.
Bridget D
Money so well spent Caroline you were amazing - I have to admit I kept looking at the clock because I didn’t want our session to end. Your were amazing and I will be back :)
Steve H
Mr Hull
Need help getting back on track Great service. Caroline is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. I would highly recommended her.
Sales people, please read! I love being in sales and I dont see myself doing anything else. But I hit a wall and after months of constant rejections I started having anxiety every time I approached a new prospect. Luckily I was referred on to Caroline. She's lived the life of a sales person before and knows what we go through. After my first session I went straight to work and already felt something different in me when I picked up that phone. Cant recommend Caroline enough!!
Donna M
Skilled Professional After seeing Caroline I am mentally stronger and able to focus on my immediate goals which ultimately lead to my success. Thank you for making this change so easy and exciting 🏆 I know what I am capable of achieving.
T. Clare
So far so good - binge be gone! I have had two sessions with Caroline and commented today how amazed I have been at my lack of interest in foods that previously obsessed me. I was able to say no to chocolate cake and a pastry last week as well as eat two small chocolates for dessert when out with a friend and feel satisfied. I am finding myself less hungry, able to say n o and if I CHOOSE to indulge I am finding myself able to stop after a normal amount without binging. Caroline is warm, friendly and so personable and I have enjoyed my sessions both in and off themselves and for the results I am currently experiencing.
Very Happy I would highly recommend Caroline, I left my appointment feeling relaxed and more focused. I feel so much better than I did with a new perspective about myself and my future.
Well Worth Seeing Caroline is well-worth seeing - she is wise, practical, straight-up and wickedly funny. Her no-nonsense approach is really helpful.
Great Caroline makes you feel comfortable. Great advices and info
Sugar addiction I met with Caroline last week. I was eating so much chocolate, cakes and basically anything with sugar. I ate a king size block just about everyday and still wanted more. Since meeting with Caroline I have not touched one piece and I don't even feel like any. Caroline was amazing! She put me at ease and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I would definitely recommend her.
Mereana W
thank you I had my first visit to Caroline and felt at ease and comfortable straight off, she is one special lady and is amazing at what she does. Recommend her highly.
Peter H
Breaking the Nail Biting Habit I enlisted Caroline's help for my fingernail biting habit that I hadn't been able to shake for over 30 years - most of my life. Caroline followed a multi-pronged approach that provided me with a variety of solutions; each of which have combined together to give me the greatest chance possible of breaking the habit and alleviating my underlying anxiety problems. It's now been about six weeks, and I'm quietly confident that, thanks to Caroline's knowledge and expertise, this frustrating annoyance of a habit has been conquered for good.
Barb M
Session with Caroline The session was perfect; we were able to get very quickly to what was needed, and Caroline also gave me tools and advice to use afterwards. I highly recommend Caroline.
Neil J
Thank You Caroline was amazing, professional, helpful and really took the time to find out what I needed from her. Would definitely recommend her services
Weight management Caroline was great to talk to and is definitely helping me get my head around my issues. I'm sure I will see her again
Sheila S
Amazing During the session I learnt so much about myself and my past and how much it has impacted on my behaviour today. Knowing this I feel so much more at ease with myself and accepting of who I am and how I can start to take control of my life again. Highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is looking for an alternative to helping yourself with any problem addictions you may have.
Dee V
Amazing experience Thank you Caroline, was lovely to meet with you to discuss my anxiety issues. I feel so much better and have already seen benefits from your nutritional and visualisation hynotherapy. It was so emotional to visualise the person I want to be and to feel like I have to tools to get there. Thanks so much xxx
Maree H
Amazing experience. I was very nervous when I arrived for my appointment, however within a few minutes I was totally at ease, as Caroline is such an amazing and knowledgeable person.
Kathy W
Awesome session Caroline made me feel relaxed and confident from the outset and also provided some amazing insights for me which have managed to curb some of my addictive behaviours almost immediately. Would definitely recommend.
Jordan T
An experience After a traumatic past year and a recommendation from my sister in law I went to see caroline, i didn't really know what to expect but when feeling so emotionally exhausted i was willing to take any reliable recommendations and run with them. Caroline was so friendly and welcoming, she didn't make any assumptions or pretend like she understood things that were obviously very personal to me. It was if i was sitting in a room with a friend, we spent time discussing what i would like out of my session - which for me was some mind clarity and to be able to relax in to every day life and learn to let go of past experiences so that did not continue to hinder me. After this we did a meditation session and some visualisation - which was excellent, so peaceful and although i am not very good at quietening my mind, i was able to do so with her guidance. I didn't walk away from our session a changed woman, and i didn't expect to, what i did notice in the coming weeks though was surprisingly pleasant - i have been more relaxed, my mind has stopped running at 100000miles an hour, and I'm starting to feel like i can take hold of my own journey again. I recommend caroline to anyone, experiencing any of life challenges, nothing is to big or small. Thank you Caroline - i will be back to see you. Warm Regards Jordan
Kylea A
WOW I met with Caroline for the first time yesterday. Immediately after our session I felt amazing and determined to succeed at achieving my goals. Caroline is full of useful knowledge and listens to your needs, to create a session that works for you.
Christie M
Brilliant What a refreshing experience. Caroline holds the space perfectly, she is professional, knowledgeable and easy to open up to. Thank you!
Mandy P
Appointment with Caroline My time with Caroline and the later results has been awesome. I feel amazing in myself and I have lost weight already, my whole food nightmare is no more. I am in control of my eating instead of it controlling me. Caroline's ability to understand and discuss the issues that I have relevant to stress in my life helped me find a solution for myself with her help and support. The therapy was amazing and I am so grateful to her for getting my life back on track.
Janine M
Awesome! I recently "discovered" Caroline and had a great experience. Caroline is a vault of holistic treatments and remedies along with being a very accomplished hypnotherapist. She analysed my needs perfectly and was so forthcoming in passing on tips, knowledge and experiences. Definitely would recommend Caroline to friends.
A New Experience Really amazing. Had a lot of doubts before meeting Caroline. The warm greeting and easy atmosphere eased me tremendously. Her therapy skills are non rivalled and I think she really impacted me. I am now on the road to change. Thanks Caroline... keep it up
A wonderfully relaxing experience I left your clinic feeling so positive and charged. So good to sit and chat with such an empathetic, encouraging and open person. I'm absolutely positive you have enabled change and progression in my life and career. Thank you Caroline!
Lizzie T
Carbs and Sugar Its been a week since I walked out of Carolines rooms and since then I have not wanted sugar or white flour and while the opportunity has been there the wine bottle has not had to much of a hammering. I feel like the guilt has been taken out of weight lose - I don't have to worry about going to parties etc because I just know that I am not going to go on a binge, I just don't want all that stuff anymore - there is no internal dialogue about what to eat and when. It has been an overall enjoyable experience and I look forward to going back. Thank you.
Caroline It was wonderful revisiting Caroline after a few years, got some more insights and perspectives.
Jim Mitchell
caroline had an awesome session with Caroline ,felt comfortable and confident during session a very honest and open person ,can feel great results already.
Travis O
Caroline Cranshaw Hypnotherapy Caroline is not only a great listener but also a great communicator, as she says what needs to be said. She is very open and non-judgmental but will also tell you her thoughts- and you can tell immediately upon meeting her that she has experienced life enough to give sound advice. Caroline helped me realize some things about my subconscious mind and gave some good resources to keep working on things for when I please.
Thomas M
Caroline didn't tell my subconscious to write this (or at least I don't think she did) Caroline is a great person to talk with about problems with life and relationships. She makes me feel at ease and has a great knack at getting issues out into the open before addressing them. After two sessions this week, my energy levels have increased and I am feeling very positive. Thanks Caroline!
Chronic Anxiety & Depression - Leaving the darkness behind! Following acute work related 'Burnout' whilst working in Australia and suffering chronic anxiety and depression, I consulted with a number of psychologists and psychiatrists. My experience with these practitioners was generally poor! Both in the methodology they adopted and their approach to treating my condition. It was near impossible to find a psychologist with real life experience who could empathize and understand the impact that work related stress (due to being overworked and exposed to a toxic culture & environment)has on the mind and body. I was even gravely misdiagnosed by a prominent clinical psychiatrist as being Bi-polar before eventually being diagnosed with Complex PTSD (Post Duress Stress Disorder). On returning to New Zealand, as well as enlist the services of a psychologist and psychiatrist, I looked for alternative therapies. When I happened upon Caroline Cranshaw and read her credentials, I knew I was in the hands of someone who could not only understand where I was at (mentally, emotionally & physiologically) but who was in a very real position to help me. Caroline's approach was empathetic (garnered from her own personal experience with PTSD), pragmatic and forward thinking! Asides from a brief overview of 'where I was at' and what led me to seek her services, I greatly appreciated her focus on the present and future rather than the past! My first hypnotherapy session was a break through and really made me feel like I had turned the corner. As well as this Caroline provided invaluable advice from a holistic view point regarding medication, nutrition and further treatment options with the view to me getting well and staying well. Thanks Caroline :)!
Andre M
Clearing my head Caroline is great she makes you fell relaxed and open to letting yourself make positive changes.
Lance Bonkovich
Clearing the clutter Hi Caroline, Due to your abilities to make sense of the assortment of thoughts in my head, I am feeling more in control of my situation, using a level of engagement that is totally understandable. I am happy to recommend your services. Thanks Lance
Don't hesitate If you are now on this website, it is surely because you have some kind of interest for hypnosis... But you are not sure! We don't hear a lot abut hypnosis around us! Sounds so weird! But after my second meeting with Caroline, all I can say is WOW! Go ahead and see her if you want to change your life in a good way. I am a food lover and of course, put on weight and after 40, hard to lose those extra extra kilos! After just one month, I already lost more than 5 kilos, I feel better, I go to the gym everyday... And I eat less without pain! I am not managed by the food anymore. Caroline is fantastic, she is very professional and she will be your best asset to lose weight. Go ahead guys, you won't regret!
Tricia C
Exam Successfully completed my exam!! very challenging situation, got to the point of inertia, Caroline's help enabled me to get over that, focus on the study which turns out i really enjoyed this in turn led me to pass.Very happy, appreciated Caroline's help enabling the process, I was sceptical and desperate bit of a fan now....
Jill C
EYE PATCHING Caroline taught me eye patching, it is very settling. Makes one quiet and introspective without thinking introspective thoughts. Lovely to learn a new skill to share with others. I found her to be most professional and would be happy to recommend her services.
Melanie R
FANTASTIC Caroline made me feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as I stepped in the door. Her knowledge and understanding of what I'm going through was second to none. I can't recommend her highly enough and I will definitely be back. THANK YOU X
Renee H
First appointment I wasn't sure what to expect with hypnotherapy but I found it an easy and pleasant experience. My sister bought me the session as she had read Caroline's previous comments from customers and thought she sounded ideal. My sister was right. Caroline makes you feel at ease and is personable and great at what she does. I would highly recommend Caroline 😊
Tracy M
First visit Caroline was fabulous . She is easy to talk to, and very welcoming. You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help. She explained everything g and I left feeling lighter and more able to cope. I felt a lot lighter. I have found I am getting results after just one session and only two days out from my visit . I highly recommend Caroline and her techniques. It was worth every penny.
Kim P
Great! Caroline was recommended to me and I can see why. While I was there she was the utmost professional and great surroundings. I wasn't sure that anything worked as I was wanting to not have sugar urge after every meal. I left the hypnosis starving and thought "I can still go and buy a chocolate bar" That didn't do anything.... Well I didn't buy chocolate but that was more because I didn't want to waste the hypnosis money. Today was amazing! I bought a raw peppermint slice and then realised "crap I'm not supposed to eat it". Well I just paid $7 so I was going to eat it. I had a bite... Nothing. I thought "yep that hypnosis didn't do anything". After the 2nd bite I felt like i wanted to throw up! The remainder of the bar is still in the fridge and I have no desire to eat any more of it! Something worked and I'm not sure what she did to me but wow! I'm waiting for part 2 of the hypnosis to work now but that's our secret. Book in to see her. You won't regret it.
Great Assistance I can't speak highly enough about Caroline Cranshaw and the assistance she has given me. I had a couple of issues that were causing me concern and she has assisted me in coming to overcoming them. Her manner is reassuring and professional and,speaking for myself, she achieved a great result for me. I would highly recommend her.
Clare G
Great support - thank you I really appreciated the warm and genuinely caring support that Caroline provided. I totally recommend her!
Morné Niemand
Hypnosis Very professional and great service
Richard Roberts
hypnosis sleeping
Hypnotherapy for Smoking My husband and I both went to Caroline for her help to quit smoking. After many years of trying to quit this habit and years of having to allocate so much of our pay check to this habit we now live a smoke free lifestyle. My husband gave up immediately after his appointment with Caroline while I smoked for another 2 months, so sometimes it doesnt happen automatically but it will happen. I would absolutely recommend Caroline to anyone that is struggling with a habit as she takes the time to have a really good chat with you about your life and I felt that she really cared as well. Thanks Caroline.
Lauren F
I feel comfortable and in good hands Caroline was professional and made me feel comfortable and inspired.
R Greenwood
I feel Great being a non smoker Thanks To Caroline I have found the transition from a pack of 30s a day to a non smoker a lot easier to deal with I would recommend this service to any one wishing to make any good and healthy life choices
Drew D
Job done first time I was nervous of getting hypnotized in case I was turned into a chicken but Caroline was very reassuring and cares doing a good job and has no interest messing with people. I had Trichotillomania and was creating bold spots. One session and I haven't done it in over a month, plus I'm more passionate about work. I haven't picked up any other bad habits so all positive.
brock m
mind body health best thing ive every done. thank you again
Moving on I found Caroline to be lovely, she was caring and has definitely helped me get over my Narcissistic ex, I still have a ways to go but Caroline has definitely given me the right direction so thank you Caroline you are a very caring lady!
Pleasant surprise I was a little sceptical before meeting Caroline- afterwards, however, I am a convert. Caroline's sense of humour & professionalism made my appointment enjoyable & educational. Caroline has already helped me with my weight concerns & I am extremely excited to see the real me emerging.
Mike W
Shaking it off As a parkinsons sufferer i had a few issues i wanted to see if Caroline could help with, from sleeping problems, weight problems and sexual disfunction. Caroline immediately understood my concerns and we talked freely with honesty before she relaxed me into her session. Within 2 days i have noticed reults and would recommend her services to anybody, no matter what the percieved problem is. She has sown the seeds and now its up to me to keep watering them Thanks Caroline
Christie M
Simply amazing I'm not sure there is anything Caroline hasn't come across or experienced herself, she has a wealth of knowledge and is so easy to talk to. I'm so grateful for her and for the work that she does.
smoking Thank you Caroline you most probably have saved my life and have definitely lifted my self esteem. You have helped me kick a 30year cigarette habit and I will always be grateful.
So worth it! Caroline's sessions contain a huge amount of common sense and wisdom, with a wicked sense of fun.
Special gift From the moment I stepped into Catherine's treatment room I immediately felt at east and had a feeling and that I was going to accomplish what I came for. Catherine has a special gift with her hypnosis technique and not only did she address the issue I believed I had but also a myriad of issues that were underlying. She gave me honest advice and opinions - all of which were correct and of course the solutions. Never have I met a practitioner with such a great giving heart. At the end of my session she handed me a stick full of such priceless articles, recipes, mediations and other hypnotic technique. She is right when she says she wants to cure you in one session because I feel such a great difference after seeing her...she would be an excellent life coach too !! Thanks Cath
Success! Left Caroline after one session and haven't had a cigarette since. Hasn't even been the slightest challenge not to smoke. I'd definitely come back again when there is something new to tackle.
Sugar Craving Cured! Thank you for helping me cure my sugar craving addiction. I couldnt have done it without you.
Kate H
Thanks Caroline Great chat, awesome experience, just what I needed - embarrassing to realise I'd paid a business coach thousands of dollars to do what I did with you in one session!
Mary W
Thank you! Having found eye patching to be very helpful after only 3 days, I found Caroline's advice on it, and her empathy, knowledge, wisdom and wonderful sense of humour, invaluable. Thank you Caroline, I learnt a lot, about myself and about paths and directions.
Tracey L
Wish I had come earlier One visit with Caroline and I have left behind habits of a lifetime. A year on and I've never looked back. A warm and safe environment to change your life.
david e
Worked for me Day after consultation I visited family who commented about positive changes in my happiness and demeanor. Caroline is insightful to providing direct and useful techniques for immediate life improvements.
Caleb G
Would recommend to anybody wanting to make changes in their life I went to see Caroline recently to assist me with a habit I had developed over the years which meant I was drinking to frequently for my liking. I was also starting to experience indigestion issues. Caroline was very helpful in the session I had with her and I can happily say that it has now been 15 days without a drink, my indigestion issues have gone and a girl has recently come into my life after making the changes I got Caroline to assist me with in the session I had with her. I was also impressed that Caroline is knowledgeable about different supplements that aid in assisting digestion or reducing alcohol cravings. Overall I would recommend Caroline to assist people in making changes they don't feel they can implement by themselves. Thanks again. Caleb
Max F
Younger customer I was rather skeptical on the hypnosis side of it. But meeting Caroline I instantly connected to her, she's very plyable in her persona to match and comfort who she's dealing with. Being younger was no issue and related well. I found a couple secrets out that I held onto subconsciously in my first session but I know it takes work to untangle old habits and beliefs so I will definitely be back. Hypnotherapy side - I didn't like the idea of being out of control but it was perfectly fine an enjoyable, also opened my eyes to meditation. Could say a lot more positives but happy overall 5**
Cath W
Caroline is AMAZING I can't recommend Caroline Cranshaw highly enough. She went out of her way to help me. She worked really late and performed miracles. I am so, so grateful.
Vanya K
Extremely helpful I am so pleased I made the effort to meet with Caroline. A really satisfying experience...thank you
Lisa H
Fantastic! Caroline was so easy to talk to and really listened. Prosfessional and friendly. I was given really helpful advice and a better understanding of how my mind and body works. I can feel hypnosis working already. Looking forward to complimenting the session with the homework and supplements, and being a better version of myself.
Shane M
First consultation. I was nervous at first but was made to feel safe with the prospect of putting my life into another's hands. Caroline was very professional in her approach which gave me confidence to delve into Hypnosis to support positive change in my life. I have had one session and I have already notice positive change with my attitude to food. Caroline definitely showed empathy during my consultation. And finally any blokes contemplating Hypnosis as a option for change, grab the opportunity. As it is early days yet what I have experienced to date is miraculous to say the least. I will keep you posted on progress thanks Caroline.
Feeling good 4 days after my session with Caroline and I noticed a marked difference. I just seem to have move innate motivation and optimism. Like an invisible force pushing me to do better. I have now been a non-smoker for 5 days. I've been far more motivated to eat better and exercise. I'm looking forward to my next session to cement the positive changes in and improve even more. I'm also booking my husband into see Caroline!
Natasha B
Feeling calm & relaxed like never before I had such a great experience with Caroline, I was nervous going to her for the first time, never having done anything like it before, she instintly made me feel relaxed and normal. My main goal was to control my sugar cravings for health reasons and the results so far have been incredible. The main change I have noticed is that she has taken away all the mental stress and anxiousness away with giving up sugar. She is truly amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend! :-)
Melodie D
Feeling more confident After having my first session with Caroline Cranshaw I walked out feeling more confident and now have a new direction in my life.
Feeling understood After many many years of feeling anxious to the point where it ruled my life in a really bad way, I now feel amazing. I still have a few moments but that day to day roller coaster ride I felt like I was on has gone, over night it seems! My first session with Caroline was amazing. I felt so understood and comfortable with her. After the second session I noticed real results. I've seen so many counsellors in the past, read self help books, exercised, cut out caffeine and taken vitamins. Until I met Caroline nothing seemed to work. Thank you Caroline for changing my life and the way I see things.
Lynn T
First appointment Thank you for my appointment, it was so good to meet you.I have started listening to the programs on the cd and am finding them to be an amazing experience. I look forward to meeting with you again.
First Session I had my first session with Caroline last week. This was my first time seeing a hypnotherapist, so I was a bit nervous prior to my appointment. However, I ended up having a great experience. Caroline was very knowledgeable, understanding and easy to talk to. I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the two hours. Caroline provided plenty of useful advice and resources to improve my well-being. I walked out with a better mood and a more optimistic outlook on my present situation. I would highly recommend Caroline and am looking forward to the next session!
First session Have never been to a hypnotist before and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to give it a go. She is very easy to talk to and the tools provided after the session has been extremely useful. Thanks again Caroline for your help!
Grace R
First two days after Therapy Hi, Caroline. Thank you for your service. I fully enjoyed the session. I am still learning to cope, however, I feel a bit easier and less sensitive to stimuli. Not 100% successful yet. And I am still dealing with other people's pre-conception of me. lots of work to do to change life around. :) As I have heavy load of full-time study and being a mum of a three-year-old, I am often sleep-deprived. When I am lethargic, I tend be very agitated and responsive to stimuli. However, I will try to spare some time in listening to the CD and I find it very helpful and relaxing. I understand that's also what I need as well--several good night's sleep. :)Keep in touch. Thank you very much.
Gentle and effective My children feel so much better after seeing Caroline. We have come to her with different issues and has always helped make improvement
Eugene P
Great appointment I have had my first session with Caroline, I found it great for airing my issues and getting some perspective on them. The hypnotherapy session was very positive and relevant. The use of kinesiology was interesting and informative. Caroline makes it easy to open up and look at the under lying cause of the problem, she gave me access to resources that have helped me resolve some long standing issues for which I am most grateful. I recommend Caroline's services and I look forward to any further appointments that I may need.
Great change in one session I was unsure what to expect, but put completely at ease upon meeting Caroline. She's incredibly researched, knowledgeable, relatable and I saw immediate results. Hugely powerful.
Great first experience Having never tried hypnotherapy before I was a little anxious, but I needn't be. Caroline was so friendly and relatable that I instantly felt at ease. I really enjoyed the first session and would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about trying hypnotherapy.
harrison brady
Harry Brady - First Appointment Thanks Caroline. I thought your offered excellent insight into Harry's situation and some really practical recommendations to provide improvements. Furthermore, Harry came away quite positive about the session, so hopefully we will make more positive gains over the coming weeks and months. Regards Richard
Helen C
Help with I arrived armed with my shopping list of issues to be sorted. Caroline, made me very very at ease and felt this would be no problem. I left after the session feeling different and comfortable with my thoughts. The session felt like a char with a good friend. I am grateful for the CD too. Thank you very much.
Alexandra H
Highly recommend Caroline Cranshaw Its always a pleasure to visit this professional, caring and highly competent hypnotherapist. I feel an appointment with her is part of my self-care - like getting a WOF for my mental and behavioural well being. :) No situation is too big or too small for Caroline to handle. Many thanks - see you again next year!
Karen F
Hypnosis My daughter has just met with Caroline to work on stopping a habit that she has found difficult to break. Caroline was very professional and made her feel at ease and explained thoroughly throughout the session what she would be doing. The results so far have been a success and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.
Sam W / Helen C
Hypnotherapy Thanks for the great session. Sam is sleeping better and his verbal tics have substantially reduced in frequency. A much happier lad!
Hypnotherapy Caroline has an awesome presence that is completely suited to her chosen industry - I felt completely relaxed with her - hence a five star rating has been given.
Hypnotherapy session I recently had a hypnotherapy session with Caroline to deal with anxiety issues. Although I was anxious even being there Caroline made me feel comfortable by talking about her own personal experiences and explaining the scientific reason behind what was happening to me. I am looking forward to the results I should get in about a months time, and would definitely go back if I need to.
Suzy F
I highly recommend Caroline I've had 3 separate sessions with Caroline and found her amazing.She has a wonderful,non judgemental,insightful approach and helped me along my healing journey.
Vicky Powell
Insomnia After seeing Caroline twice after having insomnia for over 2 years and getting between 1-3 hours sleep and night, I am now getting between 4-5 hours sleep a night. Caroline was very professional yet easy to talk to and get along with. I felt relaxed and comfortable. I feel a lot more happy within myself and my eating issues have subsided somewhat. I'd highly recommend Caroline to anyone suffering from insomnia.
instantly effective After one session with Caroline, I have been enabled to not touch a single cigarette for two months so far after decades of addiction. Caroline's approach is very thorough and personalised, and I felt completely trusting and at ease despite being skeptical beforehand that hypnotherapy could help me. Thanks Caroline.
Regan W
Ive quit smoking for good! Ive tried to give up more times than I can remember, with no real success, but after seeing Caroline, I am happy to say my whole thought pattern on smoking has changed and I have not smoked, wanted too, or missed them for over 2 weeks now! Thanks so much Caroline!
John M
n/smoking Thanks for a relaxing experience where I was made very comfortable in expressing my feelings and what I wanted, your insight into the issue was very interesting and makes one think in a different plane, I am now smoke free since our meeting and do not have the cravings that I found trying different methods, thanks Caroline your insight is priceless.
Melissa H
She's great Caroline was warm and genuine and I felt comfortable immediately. She is very knowledgeable and is good for both the mind and body.
One step in the door! I have just had my first session with Caroline...she is very relaxed, chatty and was like visiting an old friend! I came away with lots of good advice, strategies, new ideas...very very bebeficial. Thankyou!
Adele F
Outstanding From the instant I met Caroline I felt at ease. An amazing hypnotherapist who has helped me significantly during a very stressful time of my life.
Penny C
Sleep Finally After years of not sleeping and having to take sleeping pills - met with Caroline and had the best nights sleep in years. Actually look forward to going to bed now! Just wonderful!
Gina S
MONEY AND TIME WELL SPENT I was lucky enough to have an appointment with Caroline last week and found the whole experience very positive. Caroline made me feel very relaxed and comfortable so I was able to be completely open and honest with her. The advice and treatment plan made perfect sense to me and I am excited about a new and happy future after several years of doing it pretty hard. Thanks Caroline!
Ashleigh O
moving on I had to leave the past and the hurt behind to move onto the next stage of my life. I have tried to do this for 2 and a half years. It is now 4 days since I saw Caroline and for the first time not in just 2 and a half years but even longer I feel I am becoming the person I want to be. This person I lost a long time ago. Thank you Caroline.
Life changing! I would highly recommend Caroline. Before my first visit I was unsure what the experience would be like. I have to say any expectations were exceeded. I have recommended Caroline to all of my friends and family, and I would say that seeing her is life changing.
Maxim B
Life Changing! Thank you so much Caroline, amazing results!!!, made me realize how much more I can achieve in my live. Definitely coming back for more! See you soon!
John O
Oh Boy! What an amazing experience... This event was a first for me. It was amazing. Caroline is really on top of her game, & makes the exercise so easy, so simple, & so professional with her calm & measured manner. The difference between the guy who walked into her rooms, & the guy who left was almost immeasurable. For the first time in many a month I had clarity of purpose, direction, determination, & motivation. It's not a 'rah rah' experience, rather one of 'gentle purpose'. I just feel so damn good. And, if you ask her nicely, you can get a neat hug at the end of it all!!
Helen C
Sharing her wisdom Working with Caroline has been pivotal in helping me to reset some bad thought processes and bad habits. I highly recommend her for her expertise and for being very relatable. Thank you
kate N
My Appointment with Caroline I met Caroline when she spoke at the Health and Happiness event a couple of weeks ago at the Sofitel. And this week I was fortunate to secure an appointment with her. Caroline immediately made me feel comfortable and safe. I felt I could discuss anything I needed to with her and I appreciated her honest and 'to the point' response. I felt she understood exactly where I was coming from and loved that our time together wasn't rushed. I was able to remove Toxic connections from my life and look at the Health of my Body as well as my Mind. I had my appointment at 11am. Later that afternoon I couldn't figure out what was happening! I was bouncing. It's been a while since I have felt intense excitement and joy about life about my future! I have been encouraging all of my friends to go and see Caroline. We all spend a fortune on our Hair and our Nails and our Skin and our Bodies. Treat yourself to some inner care girlfriends..
Andrew f
Positive results Caroline was able to get me on the right path to happiness on more than one occasion, and did so in a thorough, competent, sympathetic manner. I would recommend her services unreservedly
Natalie S
Post hypnosis session Caroline is an absolute delight to deal with. I read a lot of reviews of many different practioners and am so happy I went with Caroline. I've had 2 sessions in my bid to stop excess fatty food intake. The cravings are gone and she has also helped me deal with some other issues I had. Totally recommend her to anyone who wants that push to start a life change.
Tikiri Wicks
Practical, Effective and Achieves Results Caroline is one of the best counsellors anyone could ever have. In a matter of 3 sessions Caroline was able to achieve more than over 2 years previous counselling. There are hundreds of different schools of thought and methodologies in therapy. Unlike other counsellors Caroline is not stuck in a single methodology. Instead she combines multiple methodologies using the right tool for the right job. To put this in other words Most counsellors just have a single tool like say a spade. Caroline has multiple tools like say a spade a hammer, screw drivers, socket wrench etc... Imaging hammering nails with a spade or undoing a screw with a spade. Caroline doesn't have to because she uses a spade to dig, a hammer for nails and a screwdriver for screws. Before meeting Caroline I had been through more than 2 years of counselling with various therapists both for myself as well as in relationship counselling with absolutely no result. Some therapists used to dig up every single can of worms from the past get bogged down in that. Which to me is a pointless exercise in frustration. Some counsellors were from the "here and now" school of thought which fails to recognise that past experience has an effect on the here and now. Most counsellors used Gestalt therapy and other non directed forms of therapy which takes forever and a half to get a result. Some counsellors even did damage by projecting their own issues onto me. In a matter of 1 single session and two double sessions (back to back) Caroline was able to give me greater clarity, understanding, self awareness and direction that I had gotten in over 2 years of previous counselling. I can categorically say that Caroline is one of the best if not the best counsellor in this country. Regards Tikiri Wicks (Wickramasingha)
Really Amazing Caroline has helped me alot with my anxiety, I found the therapy amazing I am so much calmer and comfortable now
Olivia van Lierop
Relationship counselling More than expected - very happy. Thank you
Session feedback During my visit with Caroline I found her to be very encouraging and deeply empathetic. She was able to put me at ease straight away and I came away feeling like I was listened to. I felt very relaxed and I am looking forward to my next visit.
Eileen S
Session on 22/10 14Thankyou Caroline I got to I let it be, and so it is and the 100per cent forgiveness was there!!!! THANKYOU I feel just great and you are my friend f or life Love Eileen
Set Free Caroline helped me search deep enough into my situation to use my experiences with her words of wisdom to help set me free and looking forward again to the future. Inspirational and motivational. Worth every second
Sam G
Smokefree after ONE SESSION!! Caroline was amazing, her technical skill as a hypnotherapist is outstanding. I am on day three without smoking and feel fantastic! She gave me some great tools to use at home so that I can be more successful in life in general and I really would recommend anyone wanting to make some serious changes to get in touch. I certainly will be again very soon :-)
Robyn S
Straight Up Having had therapy sessions before I knew what I didn't want - a long deep and meaningful discussion. Having reached a point of understanding the issues I needed to move to solutions. Caroline has a wonderful energy and picked up on the way I wanted to approach our time. I left feeling empowered.
Kay O
Thanks Thanks Caroline I found the whole session very uplifting and came out more happy and positive for some with your help I will bet this problem and looking forward to comong back to see you again soon. Also I have already recommended to a friend Thanks again Kayp
Robyn A
thank you I would have to say that the time spent with Caroline certainly was extremely valuable. It was far more than I expected and would fully recommend others. Caroline you are a very special person and have the ability to share this with others. Thank you.
David D
thank you very professional and not judgemental good listener and really appreciated her advice will be booking another appointment thats for sure
Susan B
Thank You! Oh Caroline…. Today I received 5,000 dollars…. Wow!! What might happen tomorrow? Lol! How could I not be satisfied? The process you used is a fast and effortless way to achieve any kind of goal or change. Thank you thank you! Yours most humbly and gratefully, Su
Thank you Caroline I am very impressed with the first session I had with you last Wednesday. I came away very confident that I will move forward the way I want to. Five days later that confidence is still with me. I am looking forward to our next meeting.
Kate H
thank you for your wonderful help and support thank you for your wonderful help and support, these issues are very challengingm you always understand, you never judge and when my words seems 'crazy' somehow they all make sense to you. The personal battles that challenge us can take away and steal the happiness out of our lives, you give us the tools to learn and 'fight back'. For me it takes time, but i understand now, and at least know what I can be helped and i am not the only one. I am so pleased that i made the decision to seek help, and help me you have. Agree no magic wand but I have gained understanding and found peace as i go along! thank you darling girl xx
That was quick I loved coming to see Caroline. Not only is she funny, friendly, relatable and very skilled at putting her clients at ease, her techniques worked! I've been suffering from extreme anxiety around social situations, meetings etc. After one session with Caroline I bounced through three meetings in a day in the same week of our session and actually enjoyed them. I also really love that she takes a holistic approach and is able to recommend supplements and other lifestyle factors to get the most from your results. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Jacqui R.
Very happy customer I was suffering from anxiety and felt to embarrassed to seek help. I lived with it for over two years until I saw Caroline. I was instantly put at ease, I was treated respectfully and after just a week, I am experiencing a massive difference. I am only sorry I didn't make an appointment sooner.
Caitlin O
Wonderful I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Caroline. She was very quick to tune into my individual needs and I found her both professional and understanding of my situation. The hypnotherapy itself was a very healing experience and has given me a sense of clarity and inner strength. I highly recommend Caroline and this type of therapy to everyone.
Wonderful experience I had been through 3 years of major changes and loss and was wanting to 'create' but was feeling a bit wiped out, blocked and couldn't quite see my way forward so I decided to see Caroline and I am so glad I did. Working together, we were able to get to the bottom of some quite engrained beliefs that definitely weren't supporting me which was very enlightening. My first session with Caroline gave me the clarity to make quite a gutsy change in my work situation and the follow up sessions have helped to dissolve some of those old beliefs/blocks and open up a better and more truthful and supportive way of being. I've loved the process and will go to Caroline for any and every little areas of my life that are not working well. I am so into any work/teaching/healing that has an impact and gets you to where you want to be quicker and for that reason I am so happy to have found Caroline.
Lucy v
Amazing Caroline make you feel very relaxed, her humour and sensitivity is very welcome, I really enjoyed being with her, and will be reccomending her to all my friends/collegues
Warm and professional Caroline was fantastic, very professional but still warm and friendly. She really listened and came up with a plan to tackle my issues realistically. Highly recommended!
Caitlin S
Fantastic Experience My mum & I found Caroline so helpful & friendly it was a really amazing experience for me. Im positive she has helped my anxiety problems I have been having. Mum has said if I want to go back & see Caroline again I can just to reinforce everything which I think we might do in a few weeks time. Thank you so much Caroline :-)
hypnotherapy session I am so glad I found Caroline on the internet and chose to go to her. I have no regrets, she's absolutely brilliant!!She put me at ease straight away and I felt I had an instant connection with her. Totally enjoyed the session and she gave me such great insightful advice. I would highly recommend anyone to go to her, I guarantee you will never look back.
Angelina B
Highly Super Recommended! I wish I had discovered Caroline sooner - I very open minded when it came to hypnotherapy for my issues I wanted to address, I wasn't entirely convinced it'd be the way to go - but now any slight reservations I may have had have been put to rest. It works, hands down. All in an open, comfortable atmosphere. Caroline was extremely helpful, professional and really took the time to listen and understand what it was I required. Thank you!
Service Caroline was a breath of fesh air. Extremely skilled , professional but at the same time warm and engaging. More to the point I have had great results from just 1 session. I can recommend her to anyone with a problem for which they would like hypnosis.
Maggie A
hypnotherapy I really found the two sessions incredibly worthwhile. Caroline you are a mine of information and your approach is very professional as well as fun. I won't hesitate to come back when I need to. Thank you so much!
Body and soul Awsume, for along time now i have been trying to kick this addiction, to find someone who unstanding of where i am come from is the write step to take.
stacey c
Weight loss and sugar cravings I wanted to control my Sugar cravings, I eat healthy and go to the gym but the ice cream,chocolate,chips,dips,and cakes were holding me back from me reaching my weight goals so i thought i would give hypnotherapy a go.It has only been a few days but I can definitely feel the differences I am not craving those bad food anymore and i feel very relaxed. I have only been to Caroline once she is so nice and positive she makes you feel very comfortable. I am definitely going to go back to focus on other areas in my life.
Clearing the crap and moving forward In just two sessions, Caroline helped me to unlock a whole lot of stuff I've been carrying around without understanding for years. It was a wonderfully refreshing experience, punctuated with lots of laughter and a nice touch of relaxation.
Help I'm the last on the carousel and I want to get off Life speeds on at a rapid rate of knots, with friends hitching up, buy million dollar homes and producing beautiful offspring whilst holding down a super C title job it's hard not to feel a little bit of self pity and heartache at not quite making it. Caroline Cranshaw has a unique way of making you feel safe whilst not facilitating the session like some cardigan wearing therapist. Therapy of any description is good, healthy and in many situations effective. Caroline has got the formula sussed to a "T". Her manner, intellect and coaching style is, in my opinion, contemporary. She talks to you like you're an adult, like you are a likable one and one who she can nurture, help heal and not fleece you for a small fortune. I saw Caroline as I felt lost, sure I still feel anxious but there is something mighty powerful about kicking off the process of sub conscious unraveling that makes the weight of the issue more bearable to carry. Sure, in my mind it could be psychosomatic but hey if it's a combined thing that Caroline has helped spur along then it gets my vote. Go with an open mind, an honest head and easy heart and who knows what you might leave with. Just believe in the process.
Hypnotherapy feedback I was really impressed with Caroline's patient, caring manner and incredible knowledge. I thought everything about the experience was outstanding. Thank you.
A calming process After suffering for a long time with repetitive negative thoughts I spent time on medication and had over a year of counseling with little improvement. In three sessions with Caroline I'm in the best place I've been for years. She's helped me discover a new perspective on life and prescribed some great natural remedies that have helped balance me more than any 'traditional' medication. Fantastic results.
Positive Session with Caroline I had a great session with Caroline, where I talked through my weight loss and fitness goals. Caroline was understanding and clearly understood the problems that I had been facing. After the session I noticed changes straight away and my cravings and subconscious conversations had died off completely. Within two days I felt significantly better with more energy. I look forward to the next session to build on the progress so far.
Francois S
My experience working with Caroline Feeling quite uncertain initially about what I could expect Caroline put me at ease within minutes after I met her the first time. She approached me in a gentle and non-judgemental manner and I felt imediately at ease. I felt myself developing a deep trust in Caroline, sharing with her what i never did with anyone before. I felt she understood so well the issues that had been making my life so desperately unhappy. Caroline provided insights and learnings and tools which has made the world of difference for me. I feel that I have achieved each one of my goals under her expert guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending her help. I am forever grateful - thank you Caroline!
Matt H
Quitting smoking I've been a smoker for 20 years, and have been attempting to be a non smoker for almost as long. I've tried patches, gum, cold turkey, pills and a few other less conventional techniques, but nothing has helped me take that last big step towards being smokefree. Until now. It's only been 3 days, which may not seem like a lot, but it's the longest length of time I've been without a cigarette in almost a decade. The odd craving is still there, but they don't last long, and the fact is - I just don't want a cigarette. Well, I do... It's hard to erase 20 years of behavior in just one afternoon, but I'm still smokefree 3 days on and I'm planning on being smokefree 4 days on, and the day after that etc... The cravings pass quickly, and I know that if I do give in and buy a packet I'll feel disappointed in myself. Previously that feeling hasn't been enough to make me continue on the smokefree path. I fully believe that the session with Caroline has produced results. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to rid themselves of the burden of smoking. Matt H
Lovely and Refreshing! Lovely to meet Caroline and have a few sessions with her. I have definitely noticed a changes since my sessions and with the homework she gave me. I would definitely recommend her to my friends. She's a great lady with a bubbly persona and fabulous sense of humour. I could sit and chat with her all day. Thank you! I'll be back soon for another session :)
Chantal v
Inspiring I very much appreciate you taking the time to teach me so much about hypnotherapy and kinesiology. As well as helping me become more confidant within myself and help me clarify aspects of my life, you also have inspired me to pursue hypnotherapy and kinesiology in parallel of phycology. Thank you so much! Your guidance was invaluable.
Under control I recently visited Caroline re clearing habits that no longer suited me. I was stunned to find my 8 year old selfs trauma had caused the problem within. Carolines friendly and professional approach and skills helped me easily regain control of my life and I feel very thankful and the inner contentment I gained from just one session with her. I would have no hesitation in referring people to Caroline. Keep up the great work :>
Lara Jane
Thank you! I had a session with Caroline yesterday and she's amazing. We went straight to the heart of the matter and I left feeling like I had finally ironed out some old patterns that no longer served me and I now feel enthusiastic and excited about the journey and opportunities ahead. Thank you Caroline!